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Kerberos Penetration Testing Fundamentals

Today I will write about Kerberos Penetration Testing, which Active Directory uses to manage authentication inside the environments. How does Kerberos work? Kerberos Components TGT – Ticket Granting Ticket Kerberos Authentication Enumeration Brute Force Kerberos Kerberos Attacks Kerberoasting Crack the Hashes ASREPRoast Check ASREPRoast for all domain users (credentials required). Check ASREPRoast for a list […]

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Infrastructure Penetration Testing Fundamentals

Today I am writing about Infrastructure Penetration Testing attack methodology simulating a real-world Red Team remote engagement on a corporate network. Remember to always follow the rules of engagement! And to join my Discord here: I will continue keeping update this article and add more topics and techniques. Goals Reconnaissance I will divide the […]

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