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NetBios Penetration Testing Fundamentals

What is NetBios?

Name service for name registration and resolution (ports: 137/udp and 137/tcp).

Datagram distribution service for connectionless communication (port: 138/udp).

Session service for connection-oriented communication (port: 139/tcp).

Remember always test the default Windows credentials for old systems.
Administrator: <BLANK>
SID 5000 is admin account

Enumerate What?

Enumerating SIDs

Enumerating User Accounts

Administrator ID

Without Authentication

nmblookup -A
nmap -sV --script nbstat.nse 
NetBios Penetration Testing Fundamentals
Nmap Netbios Scan

With Authentication

Microsoft Tools

  • Dsget
  • PsList
  • psloggedon
  • PsLogList
  • PsPasswd
  • PsShutdown
  • NetBIOS Enumerator

NetBios Exploits

NetBIOS Name Service Spoofer



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