How to do Subdomain Enumeration

There are three different subdomain enumeration methods: Brute Force, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) and Virtual Host. Subdomain Enumeration OSINT SSL/TLS Certificates Find sub domains by searching the certificate transparency logs: Google Dorks DNS Brute Force DNSRecon dnsrecon Sublist3r sublist3r Virtual Hosts FFuF

How to Recon your Target

Before starting an intrusive test in our client is necessary to perform some reconnaissance about the network to identify all information possible about the system. Some information can be collected without sending any probes to the target system this is called passive recon. Passive Recon Active Recon Port Scans Services Enumeration DNS brute force

Meterpreter Commands List

background: Backgrounds the current session exit: Terminate the Meterpreter session guid: Get the session GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) help: Displays the help menu info: Displays information about a Post module irb: Opens an interactive Ruby shell on the current session load: Loads one or more Meterpreter extensions migrate: Allows you to migrate Meterpreter to another… 

Complete SQLMAP Tutorial

Complete SQLmap tutorial to test a databases management system security SqlMap define target options -r SQLmap Project Brute Force Database Services

TryHackMe Linux PrivEsc

Complete Linux PrivEsc TryHackMe WriteUp

Amazing Linux PrivEsc TryHackMe WriteUp room, complete the Jr Penetration Tester and learn from enumeration to exploitation, get hands-on with over 8 different privilege escalation techniques. TryHackMe Room Linux PrivEsc Linux PrivEsc TryHackMe WriteUp Tryhackme linux privesc answers What does “privilege escalation” mean? At it’s core, Privilege Escalation usually involves going from a lower permission… 

TryHackMe Wreath Network WriteUp

Complete TryHackMe Wreath Network Writeup

TryHackMe Wreath Network Walkthrough help you learn how to pivot through a network by compromising a public facing web machine and tunnelling your traffic to access other machines in Wreath’s network. (Streak limitation only for non-subscribed users). Go to and download your VPN config file. TryHackMe Wreath Network Before starting lets create a folder…