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How to Attack FTP Servers port 21

Attack FTP Servers – Since the beginning of Internet FTP Servers are everywhere, open source or proprietary all kinds of Operating System have his own FTP server or TFTP Server. All of them have tons of bugs and well-known CVEs. Usually FTP servers run on port 21, we can check with nmap or netcat and […]

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How to Attack Metasploitable with Metasploit v5

Attack Metasploitable machine with Metasploit using the most effective methods and tools. Pentest is like a state of mind. METASPLOIT CYBER MISSILE COMMAND V5 What is Metasploitable? What we will Hack? Attack Linux DistCC Daemon Command Execution – Port 3632 How to attack PostgreSQL Server Attack Samba Server VSFTPD v2.3.4 Backdoor Command Execution This module […]

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TryHackMe Jr Penetration Tester Certification

Do you need help completing the TryHackMe Jr Penetration Tester certification? Join our Discord Channel! cyber security classes for beginners TryHackMe Jr Penetration Tester This learning path covers the core technical skills that will allow you to succeed as a junior penetration tester. Upon completing this path, you will have the practical skills necessary to […]

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eJPT Certification Study material

In order to get the eJPT Certification you need to study a few basic security topics. Here I compile some study material to you! If you can afford the price of INE training follow these topics. Information Gathering How Map the Network using OSINT How to do Subdomain Enumeration How to Recon your Target Footprinting […]

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Active Directory Attacks: Free Guide

Learn how advance Active Directory Attacks are executed and secure your infrastructure. On Going Study… Active Directory Attacks – Initial Attack Vectors active directory vulnerabilities LLMNR Poisoning Capturing NTLMv2 Hashs SMB Relay Attacks SMB Signing Disable Passback Attack omain Enumeration with PowerView Enumerating Domain Data with Bloodhound Active Directory Attacks – Post-Compromise Pass the Hash […]

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CompTIA Pentest+ : Planning and Scoping

Pre Engagement Tasks Planning the Tests Types of Pentration testing Overall Pentest Process Defining The Scope Overall Pentest Process Planning and Scoping Initial Information Gathering with the client Regulatory Considerations Contacts, Agreements and SOWs Defining Scope Defining Methodologies Rules of Engagement The Ethical Hacking Mindset Pentest Drivers Why is the client paying for the pentest? […]

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Plotted-TMS: Complete TryHackMe walkthrough

Plotted-TMS is an easy room but Everything here is plotted! Hacking a Traffic Offense Management System. First let’s scan the IP and find some information to work. Detect open ports: After running nmap we detect three open ports 22-80-445, if you pay atention the port 445 is not a Samba server but an HTTP server […]

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