CrackMapExec SMB: Hacking Samba service

Mapping/Enumeration Credential Gathering Dumping SAM database Dumping LSA Database Dumping NTDS – DRSUAPI Dumping NTDS – VSS Spidering Hacking Authentication brute force passwords Pass the Hash Password…

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CrackMapExec - ZeroLogon

Detecting Zerologon with CrackMapExec (CVE-2020-1472)

Today I am writing about CVE-2020-1472 (ZeroLogon) and how can be detected with CrackMapExec and then exploit it using a script. If you want to learn more…

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CrackMapExec Tutorial: Pentesting networks

CrackMapExec (also known as CME) is a post-exploitation program that assists in automating the security assessment of large Active Directory infrastructures.

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