Table of Contents

Meterpreter Commands

Core commands

  • background: Backgrounds the current session
  • exit: Terminate the Meterpreter session
  • guid: Get the session GUID (Globally Unique Identifier)
  • help: Displays the help menu
  • info: Displays information about a Post module
  • irb: Opens an interactive Ruby shell on the current session
  • load: Loads one or more Meterpreter extensions
  • migrate: Allows you to migrate Meterpreter to another process
  • run: Executes a Meterpreter script or Post module
  • sessions: Quickly switch to another session

File system commands

  • cd: Will change directory
  • ls: Will list files in the current directory (dir will also work)
  • pwd: Prints the current working directory
  • edit: will allow you to edit a file
  • cat: Will show the contents of a file to the screen
  • rm: Will delete the specified file
  • search: Will search for files
  • upload: Will upload a file or directory
  • download: Will download a file or directory

Networking commands

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  • arp: Displays the host ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) cache
  • ifconfig: Displays network interfaces available on the target system
  • netstat: Displays the network connections
  • portfwd: Forwards a local port to a remote service
  • route: Allows you to view and modify the routing table

System commands

  • clearev: Clears the event logs
  • execute: Executes a command
  • getpid: Shows the current process identifier
  • getuid: Shows the user that Meterpreter is running as
  • kill: Terminates a process
  • pkill: Terminates processes by name
  • ps: Lists running processes
  • reboot: Reboots the remote computer
  • shell: Drops into a system command shell
  • shutdown: Shuts down the remote computer
  • sysinfo: Gets information about the remote system, such as OS
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User interface commands

Webcam commands

  • webcam_chat: Starts a video chat
  • webcam_list: Lists webcams
  • webcam_snap: Takes a snapshot from the specified webcam
  • webcam_stream: Plays a video stream from the specified webcam

Audio output commands

  • record_mic: Records audio from the default microphone for X seconds

Elevate commands

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Password database commands

  • hashdump

Timestamp commands

Available Framework plugins

  • session_notifier
  • msgrpc
  • besecure
  • pcap_log
  • rssfeed
  • token_adduser
  • sample
  • ffautoregen
  • db_tracker
  • sounds
  • auto_add_route
  • event_tester
  • nexpose
  • sqlmap
  • session_tagger
  • alias
  • lab
  • openvas
  • token_hunter
  • thread
  • db_credcollect
  • wiki
  • nessus
  • request
  • ips_filter
  • wmap
  • msfd
  • libnotify
  • aggregator
  • beholder
  • socket_logger