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How to Attack FTP Servers port 21

Attack FTP Servers – Since the beginning of Internet FTP Servers are everywhere, open source or proprietary all kinds of Operating System have his own FTP server or TFTP Server. All of them have tons of bugs and well-known CVEs.

Usually FTP servers run on port 21, we can check with nmap or netcat and verify the service banner. These days is very common to find some honeypots running on port 21 i will teach you how to spot then on other article.

Attack FTP Servers

FTP Banner Grabbing

FTP Brute force Attack

Brute forces attacks are the most common attack on FTP Servers, we just setup a simple tool to test a different combination of usernames and passwords using wordlists against FTP authentication system but if the username or password isn’t on those wordlists we fail.

We need to create a custom wordlist for each company based on all data we collect during the recon phase.

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FTP Bounce Attack

This kind of attack can be very danger

Attack FTP Misconfiguration Servers

Nowadays many people use the same server to different type of services

FTP Anonymous Login

DOS Attack

FTP Sniffing Passwords

Top 3 FTP Exploits

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