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Active Directory Penetration Testing: Methodology

Today I am writing about Active Directory penetration Testing methodology, this is part of my study for eCPPTv2 by eLearningSecurity. Active Directory is a service to manage corporate domains Active Directory Port Numbers Port Protocol Description 53/TCP DNS Server 88/TCP kerberos-sec 135/tcp MSRPC 139/tcp NetBIOS SSN 389/tcp LDAP 445/tcp Samba 636/tcp LDAP SSL 3389/tcp Tools […]

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Enumerating Active Directory: Domains

In this tutorial, we will learn steps to start our journey on Active Directory enumeration, first step is to enumerate information about the Domain. Then we will extract information about the Users, Computers, Domain Administrators, Enterprise Administrators, and network shares. Understand how to start enumerating a Domain Controller and escalate your privileges inside the network. […]

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Active Directory Attacks: Free Guide

Learn how advanced Active Directory Attacks are executed and secure your infrastructure. On Going Study… Domain Enumeration with PowerView Active Directory Attacks – Initial Attack Vectors active directory vulnerabilities LLMNR Poisoning / SMB Relay Attacks Capturing NTLMv2 Hashs SMB Signing Disable Passback Attack Enumerating Domain Data with Bloodhound Active Directory Attacks – Post-Compromise Pass […]

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